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G.T Orsman

Orsman`s originated as a small retail butchers that sourced only premium quality meats and sold their products to local shoppers in the area. We still maintain close relationships with our local shoppers but have now extended to supplying caterers. By keeping in touch with changing consumer and industry requirements, the Orsman name has now become synonymous with choice, quality West-country meats.
Taste of the West Gold Award 2015
Taste of the West Gold Award 2016

Locally sourced from the best farmers in the

Here at Orsman’s, we source our meat from farmers who care about animal welfare and that the feeds they use are of the highest quality; many feed their livestock on home-grown feed and most of the lamb and beef will have been grass-fed.

Traditionally reared meat for richer

Meat that is traditionally reared is far richer in flavour. It also looks different from most supermarket meat – beef tends to be less red with a degree of marbling (fat in the meat) which contributes to a fuller flavour when the meat is cooked.
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Hog roast & BBQ
event catering

Here at G.T Orsman we are proud to offer our very highest quality hog roast and BBQ catering service for local events, festivals, birthdays and celebrations.
For more information and availability please contact us directly.
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